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Cheesecake can be prepared easily by following the cooking games recipe. In the forefront of the game we will learn or retain the necessary ingredients. Then we will click the first level of the all nine available. Here we go to the grocery store that has everything we need to prepare the cakes. With one click on the mouse we pull each product from the shelf to cart found in our cooking games. In the bottom right have hidden recipe. Click on it to see what products you have to buy if somehow forgotten. Attention to the choice of products will be very difficult to choose some products. You have to look very well through the shelves to find such vanilla. Cooking Games hosting today this interesting game. After we finished all purchases made with products that we need to pass the second round. The second level comes with preparing the cake. Here we get precious indications of a chief confectioner. Pick each bowl or container and go ahead following the top bar. A bar Full color red and green, and a slider slides along them. Try to act when that cursor is on the green in these cooking games.


Choose the ingredients and prepare the recipe with the mouse in these cooking games!

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February 9, 2016