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Emely was a school going kid, in her school they are going to celebrate Halloween party tonight, in that Halloween party they conduct a small food competition for the juniors, in that contest judges panels, select the hot dog is the dish, and they announced the creativity hot dog will be the winner of this competition. Emely needs to participate; the thing is all the kids are starting the preparation from the home with the help of their parents. But Emely parents are out of the station this week, even though she wants to be participating; she needs your support to win this competition. Come on girls! Let help Emely to win this hot dog competition kids, it’s time to show your catering skill, this competition was conducted for the Halloween party so we can decorate the hot dog in mummy’s style. Others may be getting scared of looking your mummy hot dog. Emely may happy because her dish got lot of chances to win the competition.


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November 2, 2015
Cuvinte cheie