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Rise of the Castle 2 is a game of defense. Board Game is the category that fits. In this game we have hostile neighbors. They want to get their hands on our kingdom. The soldiers sent in recognition give us the news. A war bad news. We will be attacked soon. Our neighbors have prepared a large army. They hope to win. But we will prove that we are stronger. Rise of the Castle 2 is a game of skill. We have five weapons to protect us from enemies. Notice upgrades after each level. We can install various accessories. We do our strongest weapons fire. We will be invincible final meeting. But only after a well thought out strategy. Rise of the Castle 2 teaches us to defend ourselves. Earn gold every battle won. Battles will enumerate levels. The first level will be the first battle. The second level cva be the second battle. And so on until the fight will become increasingly difficult. A good strategy will know what to choose. After each level will consider upgrades. Depending on enemies and weapons you choose. With attention and hopefully you'll defeat the enemy to death. Rise of the Castle 2 is a strategic game simultaneously. Along with your friends you decide what weapons you need. Board Games offers games of skill. Here you will learn to develop your skills. Some of the coolest games chosen category. On the tastes of all avid gamers. Spend your free time in a way pleasing. Beat the levels and weapons repair damaged by cannon balls. Ravaged enemy cannonballs in your garrison. Try to fix all the weapons before starting the next battle. There will be even easier to razbesti in this fight. Have fun!


Use mouse to play this game!

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April 7, 2015